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Hauskris x Sonix

"I loved working with the Sonix team on these designs"

We partnered with Kristen Hollingshaus Seninger (aka Hauskris) to introduce two exclusive, limited edition prints: Checkmate Green and Cherry on Top with a clear case. Spoiler alert: Hauskris loves cherries and the color green!

It's all in the details

At Sonix, we don’t just cover our cases in an antimicrobial spray that can wear off over time. All of our antimicrobial tech accessories are made through a process that infuses the antimicrobial agent directly into the materials of the product. Other features that set Sonix apart:

  • MagSafe® compatible
  • 100% Antimicrobial material
  • Sleek, lightweight case
  • Raised shock-absorbent sides and grooved impact resistant corners for full 360º protection
  • Raised bumper around camera hole
  • Scratch-resistant, protective coating
  • 10 ft. drop protection
  • This case is eco friendly

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Certified Carbon Neutral

One Year Limited Warranty

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