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MagLink™ Power Bank

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$0.00 $65.00


Social media stalking, combing through WebMD, stocking up on podcasts during another long commute, reading a text chain thirty times to figure out why you were left on read: you don’t need to admit any of this out loud. Just admit to yourself that your phone’s battery is always on yellow and you need to get yourself a power bank.

A power bank is a portable charger, or small external battery pack that you charge at home and keep in your bag. Power banks are crucial for all of those times when you can’t find an outlet but desperately need to keep your phone alive (this is every day for some of us).

We happen to think we make the best power bank around because not only are ours durable, lightweight, and, ahem, powerful, but we have a design that will fit any personality or style. Whether you want something muted and monochromatic or a fun Hello Kitty® print, we have a bank for everyone.

While we love to toot our own horns about creating pretty tech accessories that are compatible with most style preferences (note: we are compatible with all people that have good taste), the best part about the Sonix power bank is that it is compatible with nearly any piece of portable tech.

Our MagLink™ power pack is the best power bank for iPhone models 12 and beyond because it has MagSafe technology built into the device. You simply attach your MagSafe compatible phone onto the magnet, turn it on, and watch your phone charge up to green in no time.

And, because we think of everything, we have a gorgeous line of MagSafe compatible power banks made for all of you jet setters who like to travel light. The Sonix Mini Charge is tiny, powerful, and made to match some of our best-selling MagSafe compatible iPhone cases. We don’t like to pick favorites, but Drippin’ in Gold really does add that tiny bit of extra flair we need to get through the afternoon.

Need an iPhone power bank for a model made prior to iPhone 12? Not a problem here. Our power banks work with any Qi-compatible charging device. This nifty design includes both USB and USB-c ports at the bottom of the charging device to ensure that you can power up all of your tech essentials. The MagLink™ Power Pack and Mini Charge are both wireless once they are fully charged. Just slide either one, or both, into your bag and continue living your best life.

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