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Screen Protectors

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Life happens, and for most of us, it seems to happen most often to our phone screens. While all of the data folks report that the most commonly damaged component of our phone is our screen, anyone who has had a smartphone since the days they were called “cell phones,” knows this to be true without checking the stats. The claw grip we use to hold our coffee, keys, phone and wallet; the four foot drop from our lap as we get out of the car, the toddler who thinks an iPhone is the perfect hammer: almost everyone has experienced a cracked a screen or two. And, screen repair can be quite pricey. This is exactly why all of us at Sonix make sure to throw a tempered glass screen protector onto our phones the minute we pull them out of the box. And, if you haven’t already done this, now is the time to get yourself a glass saving, ahem, cell phone screen protector.

But, not all phone screen protectors are made equal. Our tempered glass protectors are, we think, the best glass screen protectors out there because they are made from heavy duty tempered glass which ensures your screen is kept safe from impacts and scratches. And, while we don’t recommend throwing your phone across a parking lot to test us, we do know that a high quality tempered glass screen protector will keep your screen intact for most of life’s hiccups.

The Sonix glass screen protector is ultra thin, providing great protection that is also highly touch sensitive. And, with a case compatible design, our screen protectors provide a seamless fit for iPhone models 12 and beyond.

Because we value keeping you at least as safe as your precious tech gear, our latest screen protector design includes a blue light blocking filter to shield your eyes from all the hours you put in gazing at your now very well protected device.

With easy application and a seamless fit, the Sonix screen protector helps you sleep a little better (literally and figuratively).

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