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Our iPhone cases are MagSafe® compatible and support wireless charging from MagSafe compatible accessories. Additionally our cases are 10 feet drop tested with raised edges to protect your phone from every angle! Protect your Apple iPhone with a case that is antimicrobial and scratch resistant through special coating.

MagSafe® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. BySonix, Inc. and SONIX® products are not sponsored by or associated or affiliated with Apple Inc.


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What is MagSafe? Is A MagSafe Case Worth the Investment?

In 2020, Apple quietly launched a “wireless” charging system designed to keep up with the modern iPhone user’s battery issues. MagSafe technology allows for wireless charging that is twice the speed of any Qi battery suite and makes safer, more efficient charging as effortless as the click of a magnet. Those who are already familiar with Qi, or wireless cellphone charging, probably know that the Qi wireless power standard is what enables someone to charge devices made by multiple manufacturers on the same charging station. Thus, the Qi Standard makes it possible for consumers to buy just one charging pad or base instead of needing to purchase a separate wireless charger for their smartphone, airpods, and smart watch. While previously released Qi chargers added much needed convenience to our relentless cell phone usage, the charging speed and alignment issues have left much to be desired. The system relies on a communication of power transfer between the device’s battery and the base. So, if the device is not perfectly aligned, the charging speed and device’s battery life are compromised.

Apple MagSafe has addressed these problems by building wireless charging capability directly into Apple smartphone models starting with the iPhone 12. This design transfers energy from an adaptive coil within the phone directly to the phone’s battery, increasing the wireless charging speed from the standard Qi’s 7 watts to up to 15 watts.

While we know your eyes are probably beginning to glaze over at the mention of electricity measurements, the numbers make it clear: MagSafe charging gets your phone back in business much more quickly than most other wireless docks. And, because there is a Magsafe magnet built directly into the body of the phone and battery pack, Apple’s latest charging system eliminates any alignment issues that arise when setting the phone onto the charger. With the magnet ensured lock, you don’t have to worry about returning to your phone after an hour to find that it is still in the red.

What iPhones are MagSafe compatible?

Magsafe charging works seamlessly with the following iPhone models:
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max