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<center>You've found us! Welcome to our blog - <br>Off the Record</br></center>

You've found us! Welcome to our blog -
Off the Record

In case you didn’t notice it, we have a new website!!  🎉
And with that, we have a new BLOG!
Introducing… Sonix Off the Record

Where we’ll be sharing our favorite of-the-moment finds, destinations, product inspirations, and even Q&As with some of our favorite partners and insiders.
Check here to find out how we make our phone cases pretty and protective; what inspires our design team to come up with their unique designs and prints and who in the industry inspires us to do what we do.
We’d also love your input! What would you like to see covered in our blog?
Life can’t be all work and no play. Here we’ll show you how Sonix does both.
Stay tuned!