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What is MagSafe? Is A MagSafe Case Worth the Investment?

What is MagSafe? Is A MagSafe Case Worth the Investment?

In 2020, Apple quietly launched a “wireless” charging system designed to keep up with the modern iPhone user’s battery issues. MagSafe technology allows for wireless charging that is twice the speed of any Qi battery suite and makes safer, more efficient charging as effortless as the click of a magnet. Those who are already familiar with Qi, or wireless cellphone charging, probably know that the Qi wireless power standard is what enables someone to charge devices made by multiple manufacturers on the same charging station. Thus, the Qi Standard makes it possible for consumers to buy just one charging pad or base instead of needing to purchase a separate wireless charger for their smartphone, airpods, and smart watch. While previously released Qi chargers added much needed convenience to our relentless cell phone usage, the charging speed and alignment issues have left much to be desired. The system relies on a communication of power transfer between the device’s battery and the base. So, if the device is not perfectly aligned, the charging speed and device’s battery life are compromised.

Apple MagSafe has addressed these problems by building wireless charging capability directly into Apple smartphone models starting with the iPhone 12. This design transfers energy from an adaptive coil within the phone directly to the phone’s battery, increasing the wireless charging speed from the standard Qi’s 7 watts to up to 15 watts.

While we know your eyes are probably beginning to glaze over at the mention of electricity measurements, the numbers make it clear: MagSafe charging gets your phone back in business much more quickly than most other wireless docks. And, because there is a Magsafe magnet built directly into the body of the phone and battery pack, Apple’s latest charging system eliminates any alignment issues that arise when setting the phone onto the charger. With the magnet ensured lock, you don’t have to worry about returning to your phone after an hour to find that it is still in the red.



Magsafe charging works seamlessly with the following iPhone models:

But, it will also work with any Qi compatible model (iPhone 8 and beyond) as well as any set of Airpods that have a wireless charging case. (Keep in mind, the magnetic alignment only applies to iPhone 12 and beyond.)


Do You Actually Need a Magsafe Case?

Because a case must be no larger than 2mm thick and free of materials that could impede the coil connection, a MagSafe compatible case is the optimal way to live a MagSafe life. But, it seems to us that the first question you need to ask yourself is…



Do You Need a Wireless Charging System At All?

If you already have a wireless charging system, and you love it, this part is not for you. If you are on the fence, keep reading.

It does, at first glance, seem a little unnecessary to buy into a “wireless” charging device that isn’t truly wireless. Any Qi charging unit must be connected to a power cord, and the MagSafe collection is no different. Furthermore, in some ways, the old fashioned charging system that is just plugging your phone into the wall does provide some advantages to the MagSafe system:

  1. Wired charging is faster and more efficient than wireless charging.

    Charging via USB cable provides 20w worth of power delivery versus the 7.5-15w capabilities of the wireless. It can take more than twice as long to charge your phone on a dock or mat.

  2. Wireless charging can diminish your battery life over time.

    Many Qi chargers can overheat your phone battery which will age your battery much more quickly than even Apple intended.

  3. Wireless chargers can be more expensive than standard charging cables.

    A cable charger is, on average, roughly half the cost of most wireless brands. 

  4. Your phone cannot be used during a wireless refueling session.

    If you are using a MagSafe charging pad or dock, you have no phone for a small while. No social media stalking. No slack. No quick email. No calling an Uber.

  5. You still need a power cord and an outlet for a wireless system.

    Something needs to be plugged in somewhere either way . . . so what’s the point?

We get it. It does seem like there is no value to an upgrade. But our team still uses the MagSafe charging system. And, because it’s our blog, we are taking the space to tell you our opinion.


Why You Might Invest in Magsafe Products

  1. Less Charging Cable interaction

    Your charging base remains plugged in all the time. You don’t have to find the cable, untangle the cable, and manage to plug it into both a wall and your phone after a long happy hour. You just set your phone down on the base, let the magnets connect, and walk away.

  2. This system allows for multiple smart devices to charge at the same time.

    Three phones and an airpod case or two are no problem for a charging pad. 

  3. Battery Boosting Accessories For Your iPhone

    Because of the magnetic function built into MagSafe phones and cases, there are nearly endless possibilities for faster charging on the go. A MagSafe case allows you to charge your phone with compatible wallets, phone grips, car mounts, and battery packs (to name a few) with a quick click.


A wireless charger minimizes the chance of connection failure and even electrical shock. It might be surprising, but there are still many injuries and even fatalities associated with cable charging mishaps every year. Because the cable stays in one spot on a MagSafe system, you are less likely to have a frayed or tangled cord.
And, while we previously noted that a Qi charging station can wreak havoc on your phone’s battery, the magnetic click capability of the MagSafe charging suite eliminates the need to worry about overheating your phone.


We are a company that makes tech accessories that marry style with functionality, so it won’t come as a shock that we prefer the clean aesthetics of a wireless device. With the right design, your charging system can enhance the look of your tech space.
To that end, here are a few of our favorite Magsafe compatible products . . .


Delilah MagSafe Compatible Case

With crisp white flowers, a bold pop of green, and our signature gold foil, this iPhone case exudes the meaning of “Delilah:” delicate and enticing. The design of this case draws artful attention while helping to protect your phone, your skin, and the planet.



Illusion MagSafe Compatible Case

You’re into the dreamscape and want a phone that reflects that? Illusion is your match. Pastel hues frame the surreal with gold foil stars and glitter that showcase an imaginative and fun personality.




Magnetic Removable Phone Ring

Elegant with a bit of spunk, this golden pearl iPhone ring makes a statement. It pops in photos, clicks onto your MagSafe case, and doubles as a phone stand.




Looking for a cool phone case or accessory we didn’t feature? Come on in.