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Social Distance Survival Tips: Day 1

Social Distance Survival Tips: Day 1

To our Sonix Customers,

With all the anxiety going on, we felt the best way to get through these uncertain times is use our platforms to infuse a little positivity into the world.

It’s not about selling phone cases, but about supporting our community, while bringing our goals back to our core beliefs - combining practical protection with a dose of fun and levity.

Here are 2 tips for practical protection:

  1. Sanitize your cell phones and cases

  2. Don’t share phones. (Social distancing also means being mindful to not share germs. Yuck!)

In the meantime, we’re committed to #spreadjoynotgerms, so we’ve curated this “Sonix Social Distancing Playlist.” We'll be posting our favorite binge shows, things to do at home, and other ideas on how to keep busy here - so stay tuned! The goal is to spread some cheer and help all of us get through these WFH days and nights in. Enjoy!