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Prefer Spending Money On Experiences Over Products? We Do Too.

Prefer Spending Money On Experiences Over Products? We Do Too.

The data has officially spoken, and we hear it loud and clear: a vast percentage of Gen Z values spending money on experiences over products. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who regularly reads business periodicals like Forbes (what, you don’t?) Forbes has been tracking this consumer trend since the ancient Millennials started shifting consumerism from buying “stuff” to buying “lifestyle.” And, Gen Z has moved this trend forward in a major way due to a number of cultural factors – we won’t bore you with the anthropological summary, but a few key takeaways are impactful for anyone looking toward conscientious spending.

Social Media Influence 

Only the elder Millennials remember the thrill of making it through the Oregon Trail on their one classroom computer. So, if you didn’t get that reference it means that you grew up with seamless access to the digital world, and that access has shaped your choices. With the prevalence of social media, we not only feel more connected to a much larger community than our ancestors, we are privy to what the members of that community are doing every day. Of course, social media has cultivated a sense of FOMO and unrealistic lifestyles, but it also inspires people to explore new places, activities, and opportunities. 

Environmental Influence 

Because of our digital contact with distant spaces and people, most of us have a much larger awareness of the incredible impact that discarded stuff has on our planet. In an effort to minimize waste, many of us will choose to use our money on intangibles and memories rather than another product with a shelf life that will likely not leave a mental impression.

Financial Challenges

Between student loan debt, housing prices, and the cost of our daily Starbucks and avocado toast habits, money is just a lot more precious right now. But, hey, we have to live our lives while we have one, right? Choosing to spend money on time instead of toys is a no-brainer when the ability to buy a house for all of those toys has become increasingly more out of reach for much of the population. Thus, we are trending more toward personal care and mental health purchases. 

We know what you’re thinking, and not just because we read Forbes: Sonix sells products so why is this tech accessories company writing a blog about not buying anything tangible? 

Full transparency –  it’s because we want you to use our stuff because we like Starbucks and avocado toast too. But, we get you because we are you. And, now that we have that cleared the air, we feel it’s important to share some of the cool tech gadgets that we created to help make our experiential life much easier to maintain. We acknowledge the fact that technology has had a profound impact on the way we experience leisure, work, and travel. And, the right travel gear and tech accessories can really make our lives more convenient and enjoyable. 

To that end, here are a few of the top picks for your travel bag that us movers and shakers can’t live without: 

Brown Tort Power Pack

If you have ever found yourself with 1% battery, a text to send, an Uber to call, and a frantic need to keep your phone alive while traveling through unknown streets in aforementioned Uber, then it sounds like you have been on a vacation. The stress (and, at times, terror) is enough to undo any sort of neurological reset that traveling was meant to accomplish. And, if that scenario doesn’t ring a bell, then you have also never been in the closing minutes of a phone call with a client that is about to go dark because you have been in the car outside of your favorite happy hour spot. Listen, you need a power pack. And, this Brown Tort MagLink  Power pack is not only a patron saint of your iPhone’s battery capacity, it’s also a gorgeous accessory. Designed in a timeless print that complements every style, this portable charger is as powerful as it is pretty. You just click your MagSafe Compatible iPhone onto the power pack disc, and your battery will make its way back to yellow in no time. 

Cherry on Top Airtag Cover

You can’t be out there living your best experiential life and also expect to keep track of all of your belongings (or children) 100% of the time. It’s called being present. And, we want to be present for everything . . . except for when we stop being present to post our previous presence on TikTok. Regardless of whatever moments we leave for our therapists to unpack, we Airtag®  pretty much everything we hold dear to our hearts. And, an Airtag® cover is essential because the attachment ring gives us more options and convenience. This Cherry On Top Airtag® Cover is also exceptionally cute and adds an extra bit of fun to our journey toward responsibility. Sidenote: we carry two-packs of Airtag Covers for those of us who really want to cover our security bases. 

Pedestal Car Mount - Graphite

Disclaimer: you should never look at your phone while driving. So, if you just can’t stop reading this blog in your car, pull over. Great. This product is for you and all of your road tripping. The Graphite Pedestal Car Mount is sleek and light. It attaches to the vent on your car easily, and it is designed with built-in magnets for MagSafe compatibility. With a quick click, your MagSafe iPhone is attached to your car and securely positioned at your eye-line. Now you can keep driving safely to your destination with the windows way down and the music way up.

Kintsugi Airpods Case

Airpods are small and easy to lose. As you are already aware, you need a protective case to keep them safe during your infinite adventures, you experiential goddess. Might we suggest keeping your wireless earbuds in a case that is also a gorgeous work of art? Featuring gold foil lines to connect the sleek black spaces, the design of our Kintsugi Airpods Case is visually stunning. And, with charge-through capabilities, a precision mold, and drop protection certification, this Airpods Case is pretty close to perfection.

MagLink Removable Phone Ring

You know you’re going to document your brunch, so you might as well make it easier. The MagLink Removable Phone Ring makes your high-key penchant for videography just about as seamless as it can get. With a built-in magnet, your MagSafe compatible phone securely attaches with a quick click. The silicone finger loop ensures your finger won't slide. And, with different color variations, this phone ring fits any finger and style. 

Confetti Foldable Ipad Sleeve

The best thing about financially prioritizing experiences is obviously the experience. However, at times, one of the less than thrilling parts about enjoying a destination is actually getting there. Long travel days, flight delays, lugging your bags to the rental car counter only to find that all of the lights are off with no visible person in the room (it happens). . . . For many of us, an iPad is a lifesaver (especially for those of us with kids and a cross-country flight). But, the iPad is a precious piece of tech equipment so a protective case is a non-negotiable personal item. Our Confetti Foldable iPad Sleeve is the best travel accessory because it is made from durable canvas, and it doubles as a stand so you can stream without slowly forming a hunchback. Plus, it is lightweight without compromising on the design element that helps you keep your vibe moving through security. If you’d rather travel with your computer, check out our laptop sleeve.

Iridescent Magnetic Wallet

This eye-catching magnetic wallet goes out to all of us who just had to buy that stunning bag that holds almost nothing. It also goes out to all of us who want to hit the streets without the burden of a bag at all. The Iridescent Magnetic Wallet is for almost everyone (who has a MagSafe Compatible phone). It holds four cards, attaches to your MagSafe compatible phone case (we make those too), and makes living a lean life gorgeous and convenient.

Varsity Red Knit Apple Watch Band

Hit the great outdoors with a bold attitude and an equally bold red. Our Varsity Red Knit Apple Watch® Band is stylish, comfortable, and made to breathe. The trendy design is, dare we say, an experience in itself, but this watch band is meant to accompany you to your favorite hiking spot or pickleball court.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones WH-1000XM4

We don’t make these or sell them, but we are talking about tech-related travel products, and we would be remiss if we did not mention these headphones. These noise canceling pillows have a cult following at Sonix for a few reasons: they are sleek and fold up nicely, come in three different colors, and they really do work. We have used them for our kids at the movies, on airplanes to drown out upset babies (just kidding, we always help the parents), and to actually listen to music. Plus this model has a very long battery-life and quick charging capabilities. So, if you are one of those people that prefers headphones to Airpods, this is the one. 

As we lean into the experiential lifestyle that we ordered, we want to make life on-the-go as enjoyable, beautiful, and efficient as possible. From ensuring a power supply to our phones to optimizing safety and leisure during our commutes, we feel that all of these tech accessories have revolutionized the way we are able to experience our lives. And, the aesthetics of these products make our tech gadgets not only an extension of our digital worlds, but also an extension of our personalities and individuality. While all of the accessories we are highlighting have become our lifestyle companions (that’s why we made (most) of them), we are showcasing these products because we know they will make your adventures easier too.

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