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Not All MagSafe Products Are Created Equal

Not All MagSafe Products Are Created Equal

Sooooooo, after reading some reviews of our MagSafe compatible products, we feel it’s time to clear the air: not all MagSafe compatible products are created equally. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t even know what MagSafe is so I don’t care,” we will take a pause to redirect you to our blog about the Apple MagSafe suite.

Ok, now that we are all on the same page, let’s talk about logistics. In order for an iPhone with MagSafe capabilities (any iPhone after model 12) to properly charge, the magnets have to click together. And, unless you want to take your phone out of its case every time you charge on a MagSafe dock, you need a MagSafe compatible case - ideally one that is made to work with your MagSafe charger.

The Basics: How does MagSafe Work?

 The goal of MagSafe charging is to use magnets to align the wireless charger with the iPhone’s wireless charging coils so that charging speed and power delivery are optimized. Using a MagSafe case built intentionally to work with the Apple iPhone is critical to ensure that your device charges faster and maintains battery life. Because you’re reading a blog and not a technical journal, we will keep the specifics of that wireless battery interaction to a minimum. Basically, you need a MagSafe compatible case that is truly MagSafe compatible: i.e., you need a case with the same level of magnetism as Apple’s products and your sparkling personality. Not all MagSafe products deliver on this specification.

We won’t call anyone out, personally, because we dearly love all of our competitors. But, we will say that at Sonix, we make sure that you are getting the same kind of MagSafe compatibility that Apple ensures, so that you get not only a beautiful product, but one that actually works well. And, on that note, we do need to drop a little tech journal jargon because the specifics are important. But, we will try to make it quick and painless.

The Tech Journal Jargon

The magnets that we use are N52H rare earth neodymium. Are we losing you yet? Great, buckle up:

Rare earth magnets are made from rare earth elements, like the kind you see on the periodic table. Neodymium magnets are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.

Environmental note: while the mineable amount of rare earth metals is fairly low (hence, the name “rare”), they are still 100 times more abundant than gold, for example.

A magnet made of a rare earth alloy is between 2-7 times stronger than a standard magnet.

Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets (they never stop being magnetic) and a Neodymium magnet is, as far as we know, the strongest magnet in the world aside from a Taylor Swift album.

Neodymium magnets are rated by their “maximum energy product” with N52 providing the greatest performance and N35 providing the weakest. So, N52 is what you want in a magnet that is responsible for keeping magnetic objects held together and increasing charging performance.

So why do you care if your phone accessories have “the strongest magnet in the world?” Well, because that’s what Apple uses. And, if you want to enjoy the MagSafe convenience that Apple provides, you need to pair your phone’s magnet with accessories that provide the same strength for a couple of reasons.

One reason is for the charge-through capabilities of the case itself. MagSafe offers much faster and safer charging than a standard Qi charger. This is because the magnets that are used in all of Apple’s products are N52H. Hence, they all perfectly align and magnetically connect for a seamless charge.

Another reason, and quite frankly, the reason we wrote this blog, is because a lot of your MagSafe accessories won’t attach as productively to your case if both your case and the attachment are not made with strong enough magnets.

Yes, you read that correctly! If you purchase a Magnetic Wallet, Phone Ring, or Charging Station made by Sonix, but your case is made by a manufacturer that does not use the N52H magnet in their MagSafe compatible case, the accessory will not attach to your case as well. It might fall off. You might lose it. You will be grumpy and write us a stern letter. We read them!

We are not here to make an argument about how you need to buy all Sonix accessories, though it would be great if you did. But, we do encourage you to make sure the magnets in your tech products are truly Apple MagSafe compatible. If you decide that gathering all of that information is just too much work, then feel free to shop on our site with the knowledge that all of our MagSafe Compatible products are made with the same magnets as Apple.

Products We Recommend (Because we made them)

Gold Wireless Charger

Not only does this MagSafe compatible charger have the inimitable N52H magnet built into its design, but it is also a beautiful piece of home decor. A sleek gold disc adds a pop of fun to your desk or nightstand while the absence of a charging cord makes for a tech piece that seamlessly blends into both modern and classic design schemes.

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Gold Power Station

Whether you want to level up your gold wireless charger as a design accessory or you just want to actually see your phone screen while it’s charging, our Gold Power Station is an incredible addition to your home office. This product includes not only the gold wireless charger you literally just saw above, but also a Gold Magnetic Phone stand. The pedestal allows for 360 degree rotation for all of the zoom in your life and also folds up seamlessly so you can take your conference calls on the road. It’s beautiful. It’s functional. It’s N52H.

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Onyx Magnetic Wallet

This sleek piece of vegan leather is the perfect accessory for a purse-free adventure. It attaches perfectly to your MagSafe compatible phone case and carries up to four cards. With a pop of gold that displays our logo, this Magnetic wallet adds an element of cool to a low-maintenance aesthetic.

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Brown Tort Mini Charger

You need to charge on the go but also want to do it while looking endlessly sophisticated and chic? Obviously. The Mini Charge in Brown Tort is likely what you seek. Brown tort has been a multi-decade style staple for a reason: it pairs well with anything. And, because this little tort has the N52H built into its design, you can grab a quick charge in the wild without worrying that your charger will detach from your (N52H) case.

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Gold and Clear Rhinestone Magnetic Removable Phone Ring

If you love your muted case but want to add a maximal flourish, might we suggest this removable phone ring? With sparkling rhinestones against a gorgeous gold base, this phone ring makes a statement. And, not only does it make secure, one-handed phone scrolling a breeze, it also serves as a sturdy kickstand with 360 degree rotation.

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Now that we have given you all of these incredible options and too much information, we hope that you find a MagSafe tech system that works together flawlessly. Happy Shopping!