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germaphobes, we got some goodies for you! 

Introducing… Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Boxes

We invite you to throw your daily essentials into this box to sanitize the hell out of it (get it 99.9% germ free, to be exact)

Why is it Beyond? What does O3 even mean? Well... We can answer that for you! 

What is O3? 
O3 is just another way to say Ozone. Ozone is an environmentally-friendly gas that’s used in most medical grade sanitization devices. Because it’s a gas, it can go into shadows and crevices, where UV rays can’t reach. 

Also fun fact: O3 also helps remove odors too.

How Much and WHAT can it clean?
This box is unlike any other in size and convenience. As an example, it can fit and sanitize all of the following, at the same time: sunnies, keys, phone (x2), AirPod, mask. You can also use it for makeup brushes, combs, brushes, beauty tools, pens, scissors, school supplies, tech accessories, etc. etc. You get the point.

Other Benefits? 
There’s even a charging port inside the box (2 actually). Keep your phone juiced up, while it’s sanitizing. 

Best part? They’re beyond basic ...
We wanted our boxes to match your home decor. We have quite a few different styles. If you’re looking for a more simple design, Bondir offers two solid colors Almond Oil and Black. If you’re looking to jazz it up a bit, Sonix has an array of different designs including Croc, Gold, Gunmetal, and our best selling print, Brown Tort. Now you can even match your phone case, to your AirPod case to your UV+O3 lightbox.

To Buy: 
Sonix: Gold, Gunmetal, Brown Tort, Black Vegan Croc & White Vegan Croc
Price: $75
Bondir: Almond Oil & Black 
Price: $60