Gifts for Him 2022

Gifts for Him 2022

Gift-giving season is here bestie and we know exactly what to get him! From stocking stuffers and "just because" gifts to the best gift he'll get all year (we might be a little biased 😉 ), we've got you covered! Take a look at our top picks:

Percussive Massager

Relieve those sore gym muscles with our state-of-the-art massage guns. We've got two that we know will be a staple in the post-workout routine. Meet the R2 and R2 Pro:

R2 Relieve + Recover Massager

Your body will thank you! R2 Relieve & Recover is the all-inclusive portable percussion massager that offers powerful, yet quiet relief. Featuring 6 interchangeable attachment heads and exclusive handle extension for hard-to-reach areas, R2 works effectively to relax muscles and relieve pain all over the body.

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R2 Pro Articulating + Heated Massager

Take relief to the next level! The R2 Pro is a quiet yet powerful percussive massager to help relax muscles and ease tension. Featuring 6 interchangeable attachments including an innovative heated head to help deep tissue and muscle relaxation, 90° articulating arm with 3 positions to tailor your treatment, and a unique 6” extension handle with textured grip for extended reach and maximum comfort, R2 Pro allows them to customize the speed and temperature to alleviate aches and pains for quick relief and recovery and help increase mobility and range of motion.

PS - take $50 off with code R2PRO

Tech Essentials

UV Sanitizing Boxes

Keep it all squeaky clean in less than 10 minutes! Our UV boxes use light instead of harsh chemicals to keep all his essentials 99% germ-free. Toss the keys, sunnies, and phone (p.s. it had a charging port inside!) inside, press the button and after 10 min, he's ready to go! Our UV technology also comes in a pouch - perfect for the traveler!




Low battery alert? Say good bye to that notification! Our PowerStation is a best sellers that combines our magnetic Pedestal and MagLink™ charger compatible with MagSafe® devices. This bundle is perfect for his nightstand, desk or counter. Our MagLink™ chargers all come with a 6.5 ft cord - just long enough to reach from that corner outlet to the couch during the nightly show binge.

Need more gift ideas for him? We'd suggest the our clear case (in MagSafe® and non-MagSafe®), black wireless MagSafe® power pack external battery, or our Meta Quest Oculus case!

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