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Gifts for Her in 2022

Gifts for Her in 2022

The holidays are basically here friends and we know you've got many lovely ladies to gift in your life! We're here to help with recommendations that are sure to please your mom, girlfriend, sister, bestie, and every other "her" in your life! Here are our top picks:

New Case for Her iPhone

We are the leaders in pretty and protective and what's better than protecting something she uses the most? We've got cases to match any style, any day but let's break things down:

If she loves a neutral, wears color-coordinating outfits, or is giving minimalist vibes, she'll love:

Brown Tort Pearl Tort  Galaxy Tort

Check out more Tort cases here!

If color is her world and she's into brights, bold, and isn't afraid to stand out, she'll in need of:

Illusion Neon Smiley Rainbow Hearts

Check out more colorful phone cases here!

If she's a Hello Kitty fan (don't'll know if she is), going with any of these top styles will make her day:

Hello Kitty & Friends Stickers Cosmic Hello Kitty Hello Kitty & Friends Sushi


Okay so she's got a phone case but what about her other tech? Don't worry friends...from AirPod and AirTag cases to chargers and other accessories, we're checking all the gifts of the list!

Our Top Picks for Airpods

Cosmic AirPods
(all generations)

Brown Tort AirPods
(all generations)

Mother of Pearl AirPods
(all generations)

Our AirPod cases are not only *so cute* but they're protective! She doesn't have to worry about drops and fumbles with this pretty + protective case. All our Airpods cases also come with a gold ring, making it even easier to attach them to your keys, wallet, purse, or yourself!

Our Top Picks for Tech Essentials

Laptop + iPad Sleeves

UV Sanitizing Box


Whether she's a wfh queen or she enjoys the office/coffee shop atmosphere, our laptop and iPad cases keep her tech protected. They also double as stands so even more work efficiency. Our other favorite tech essential? The UV sanitizing box! This cleaning machine gets everything 99% germ free in just under 10 min! From phones and sunnies to make up brushes and car keys, this box hold it all! Oh and there's a charging port inside - we love a multi-tasking queen!

We can't wait to see what you get her for the holidays! Don't forget a little gift wrap to complete the gift giving vibe!