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Home Office Desk Setup

Everything You Need For Your Home Office Setup

Work from Home Special Edition

While the term “digital nomad” sounds quite sexy and exotic – working for a couple of hours a day from your temporary lodging in Bali – the truth is that the remote workforce has more than tripled since the pre-Covid era. And, according to Forbes, it is very likely that 22% of the United States workforce, or 35 million people, will be working remotely by 2025. While many “work-from-home” employees are not reading this little blog with a crystal beach view from some exotic locale, it would be nice to at least have an easy, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing home office. This post is for all of you. Because, at Sonix, we’re just here to help. So, here are a few setup ideas and a quick reference for all of the things you need to make your remote life a bit more enjoyable (and hopefully more productive); and, wouldn’t you know it, you can buy all of them on our site.

The Home Office Setup

Gold Pedestal Magnetic Phone Stand by SONIX®

Gold Power Station

The Gold Power Station is everything you need in your life (aside from Harry Styles). This perfect set includes the Magnetic Link Wireless Charger and Pedestal Magnetic Phone Stand in a beautiful, muted gold. It allows for quick and constant magnetic charging for any iPhone or MagSafe compatible device. And, it has the capability to charge directly through one of our MagSafe compatible protective cases. The charging cord extends for up to 6.5 feet because, you know, your outlets are never in a normal, intuitive spot. The pedestal provides full 360 degree rotation, and folds just in case you do want to take your work life to the beach. Plus, it’s gorgeous and doubles as a bit of design flourish that we know your adjustable desk wants.  

Shop It Now (or when you’re done reading)

Moody Clip On Halo Light

This halo light is the mood you need for the fifteen often pointless zoom meetings you have every day. With a literal rainbow of settings, you can find your light no matter the time of day. Maybe you had too much wine at happy hour yesterday, and you need to cancel out the green pallor. Maybe you pulled an all nighter with a baby or a deadline, and need to adjust for dark circles. Regardless of how you spend your evenings (we don’t judge), this halo light is your best friend. It comes in close second to the natural light you might have missed during the day. It clips on, plugs in via USB charger, and rotates on a 360 degree axis so you can  showcase a different part of your new home office design. Portable, durable, and, according to the reviews, doubles as an excellent makeup light. 

Get Moody Here

Percussive Massager

Did you know that studies indicate that the remote worker spends an average of 1.4 more days per week working than your in-office counterparts? Baby, you need a break sometimes. And, what better way to replace the office foosball table than your very own percussive massager? We are big fans of self-care so we can safely say the R2 Pro massager is a must. This portable piece of heaven features 6 interchangeable attachments, adjusts to three different positions, and includes a 6 inch extension handle. With a heated head that allows for a deep tissue experience, the R2 will transport you to a spa situation with a couple clicks. Throw some cucumber into a jar of water, and we swear you will forget you are at work for a few minutes. 

Get Your Temporary Spa Fix Here 

* cucumber not included (don’t be weird)

Your House Smells Candle

Speaking of temporary spa time and all of you remote workers working too much, might we suggest adding this candle to your office space? We love this candle for a few reasons, and one is the smell. Have you ever walked into your house after an extended time away and thought: does my house smell like this to other people? Just kidding, your house smells great. But if you have to work in a small, solitary space, adding a light hint of pink pomelo, lily of the valley, and coriander blossom can only be a good thing. Plus, hear us out: you can use the candle as a differentiator between when you’re at home-work and officially at home. Just light this candle to get into the zone, and snuff it out to let your brain know you are off the clock. Hey, it worked for Pavlov, so it’s worth a shot. 

Make Your House Smell Here

Blue Light Screen Protector

Anyone else out there find yourself stalking people on social media late at night after you have been on a computer screen all day? That wasn’t a real question because we know you. We are you. We think this blue light screen protector is a non-negotiable item for anyone who uses a phone. We know you know that the blue light coming from your electronic devices has been linked to a number of neurological shenanigans including sleep disturbance. And, we’re not trying to lose sleep over someone else’s feed. This screen protector filters blue light, protects your screen, and is thin enough to still respond perfectly to all of that scrolling. 

Burn the Midnight Oil Here

The Transportable Office Setup

So, now that we have a starter kit created for all of the remote workers with a home office, we want to switch gears because we know that many of you take your work show on the road. And, while we have actually seen someone with a barber shop setup in the Starbucks at Astor Place in NYC, we know that most of the “coffee shop” work force doesn’t bring a candle or halo light with you to work. You need ease of transportability, functionality, and, yeah, you want everything to be stylish and reflect your vibe too. This is for you – although the Barber of Astor Place could probably use our tote as well. 

Confetti Print Foldable Laptop Sleeve by SONIX®

Foldable Laptop Sleeve

Your laptop kind of has to go with you to work, so you need to keep it protected during transport. This foldable laptop sleeve is made with a durable, canvas material and is secured via magnetic closure, so you get 360 degree protection. It’s slim, light, and easy to carry or throw (gently) into your bag. And, with its nifty foldability, this sleeve doubles as a laptop stand and hand rest so that you don’t turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame while you are on the clock. But, the best part about this sleeve, in our opinion, is that it’s pretty. So, you get all kinds of remote work functions while maintaining your sense of style. 

Behold the Beauty here

Watermelon Crush Tote

You need a bag large enough to carry your entire office with you, but it needs to reflect your timeless sense of casual chic. Our Watermelon Crush Tote might be the electronics bag you are looking for (it is). Made with 100% recycled cotton, this pretty tote comes in the perfect spring shades of pink and green. It’s large enough to hold all of your electronics but doesn’t look like a drab office bag. With tote and crossbody straps, this bag is beautiful and versatile. And, it’s on sale.

Get It Before It's Gone

USB-C Adapter

You will lose your USB adapter more than once, just admit it. And, you will only discover that you lost it when you are just about to run out of juice. So, just keep an extra one in your bag and send us a thank you in the form of snacks. This adapter is compatible with any USB-C port charging device and it’s easy to throw in your cart since you are already here. 

Throw It In

Brown Tort MagLink™ Power Pack. MagSafe® compatible wireless charger by SONIX®

Brown Tort MagLink Power Pack

Oh, ok, so you didn’t listen to us and you don’t have an extra adapter. Here’s a portable power pack for when you realize we were right, you stubborn little minx. This MagLink Powerpack is MagSafe compatible, and provides a quick charge while you are on the go. It hooks up to any MagSafe compatible iPhone via magnetic click and any other device via the usb cable that we have selflessly provided. And, with a sleek, lightweight Brown tort design, people are really going to start wondering if you are charging your phone casually flaunting your timelessly chic aesthetic sensibilities. 

                                                                 Charge Up Your Style Here

Sanitizing Everywhere UV Bag

You’re out in the world, and the world is often gross. So, you obviously need the Everywhere Sanitizing UV bag. This chic little fanny pack keeps your smaller tech essentials safe and secure while doing its little internal magic to keep your skin and body safe as well. Featuring both UV and O3 ozone technology, this pouch has the power to eliminate viruses and bacteria from your electronic surfaces in just 10 minutes. Just pop your phone, airpods and other small electronics into the case while you’re on your way to literally anywhere, and you can take them out knowing that none of Astor Place came with you. 

Avoid The Stomach Flu Here

Pedestal Car Mount - Graphite

Part of working from the road is being on the road. And, since we know it’s impossible to sever your connection to your phone even while driving, we have made it very easy to keep yourself safe and stylish without losing that technological bond. Designed with exceptional magnitude, this car mount clicks onto any case with MagSafe compatibility. It fits onto most air vents and blends in seamlessly with your dash. Stay connected when you’re on the move with this five-star car mount.

Put Your Phone on a Pedestal Here

Faye Sunglasses

You might think we’re getting greedy by throwing sunglasses into the mix, but we are hopeful that all of us will be working full time from a crystal beach view somewhere in Bali. And, the sun’s glare will be just too strong against your computer screen. Should you be so lucky as to encounter this problem:

  1. Tell us how you achieved our dream.
  2. You will need sunglasses to match your Brown Tort power pack because we know you are not running back to your room when you start to lose power.

Get These Shades Here

We think we have compiled a pretty extensive list to get you started for the remote work experience you have been wanting. But, just in case you’re looking for just one more thing…