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Do you smell something?

Do you smell something?

Say hello to the Sonix Candle Collection, our intoxicating new addition. We created five 8 oz. original candles; perfect gift for your best friend, sister, boo-thang, or anyone who’s looking for the perfect home scent.

Boy Bye
With the key notes including oud rose and clove, it’s the ideal rich scent for the boss babe in your life. Swipe left and say boy bye 👋

Ride or Die
There’s nothing quite like a spicy floral to set the atmosphere. That’s why Ride or Die is the perfect scent for the best friend you get into fun trouble with. Cardamom, iris, violet, and spicy sandalwood is the perfect combination of spicy, but simply sweet.

Me Time
Say it with me now…Self 👏 Care 👏. Me Time was made for the times of pure relaxation in your life. The combo of peach, peony, plum, vanilla, and the slightest hint of patchouli creates an elixir so sweet, you have no choice but to let-go and relax.

We just love, love. Which is why we created ILYSM with lovebirds and everlasting friendship in mind. Black currant teams up with mixed roses for a scent that’s made for the true romantic.

Your House Smells
Ironic? We think so. Pink pomelo, lily of the valley and coriander blossom harmonize for a candle that screams your friend with the beige, minimalist Instagram feed.

That’s not all! You can also purchase our candles in cute, mini 3-piece sets at 2oz. each. XOXO includes mini versions of Boy Bye, Ride or Die, and ILYSM - while Love Yourself includes ILYSM, Me Time, and Your House Smells.

What do you think? We’d love to hear which one if your favorite 😉