Air Guard - Replacement Mask Liners 20pk

Air Guard Replacement Mask Liners help protect against the spread of germs, air pollution, smoke, and allergens.
20 Disposable, Replacement Mask Liners
  • Three-layer filter construction: nonwoven, fiber fabric
  • Water-resistant, antimicrobial (antibacterial + anti-fungal) material
  • Hypoallergenic, moisture absorption material
  • Non-toxic, suitable for sensitive skin with zero chemical smell.
  • Adjustable nose strip for custom fit and added protection.
  • Structured, seamed fit for breathing ease
  • Universal fit for all fabric masks

To support our community, Sonix is donating a significant portion of The Air Guard fabric mask and liners to local restaurants and businesses. Sonix has also donated 5,000 Bondir by Sonix Face Shields to Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center and additional proceeds to support UCLA doctors and nurses.

*For obvious reasons, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges allowed.

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